Take Targeting to the Next Level with Call Analytics

When someone calls your business, it’s a powerful signal indicating how they want to engage, their purchasing intent, and overall value. DialogTech captures data on callers and enables you to retarget them — and new lookalike audiences — with personalized campaigns across search, Facebook, and display.

Re-Engage Callers

Re-Engage Callers

Drive revenue by retargeting past callers with the best ads to convert them to customers.

Target Lookalikes

Target Lookalikes

Acquire new customers by targeting lookalike audiences resembling your most valuable callers.

Exclude Callers

Exclude Callers

Eliminate wasted ad spend by excluding past callers from campaigns that aren’t relevant.

Learn how Comfort Keepers optimized display ad targeting to drive 4x more callers.

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A Wealth of Targeting Data from Each Caller

DialogTech captures a tremendous amount of data on caller you can use to target the right consumer with the right ad for the right cost.

The caller’s phone number

The caller’s location

What they called about

Where they are in the customer journey

Their purchasing intent and value

How they want to engage with you

Use First-Party Call Data from DialogTech to Improve Ad Targeting

Target past callers and new audiences likely to call across search, Facebook, and display. Increase conversions, acquire more customers, and eliminate wasted ad spend by showing caller-ready audiences relevant ad campaigns at the right cost.


Re-engage past callers with relevant ad campaigns incentivizing them to call again and convert.


Expand your reach and acquire new customers by targeting lookalike audiences similar to customers who converted by calling.


Exclude callers that became customers or weren’t good sales leads from seeing ads that aren’t relevant to them.

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Integrate Call Analytics with Digital Advertising Tools

Integrate call data from DialogTech with digital ad platforms and martech tools to improve ad targeting.

Ad Platforms

Optimization Tools


“We’ve seen great results using DialogTech data to target past callers and new lookalike audiences with Facebook ads.”

Camila De Bierre
Social Media Specialist at Westgate Resorts

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