Marketing Personalization for Inbound Call Experiences

Use data from a consumer’s digital experiences to personalize their call experiences.

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Enhance Customer Personalization with ExperienceHub™

In today’s marketplace, 76% of customers expect businesses to understand their needs and expectations. A critical opportunity for businesses to demonstrate this is in how seamless the transition from an online interaction to an offline phone call. With ExperienceHub you can use dynamic routing to use where the customer is in their journey to address their needs without them needing to tell you twice. 

Route Calls from a Service Page to Customer Service

Minimize friction and help customers faster by ensuring calls from a service related webpage are routed straight to a customer service agent to assist.

Prioritize Your Best-Converting Sales Leads

When consumers call, the experience matters — and callers hate to wait on hold. Use DialogTech reports to see what caller attributes lead to the most conversions. It may be a particular marketing channel like paid search, or specific ZIP codes consumers call from, or a webpage on your site. Then set up rules in DialogTech to send those callers in real time to a priority queue where a call center agent can assist them immediately.

Provide Agents with Real-Time Intelligence on Callers

DialogTech can expose information on the caller and the marketing source that drove the call to your agents via a screenpop on their desktop. Knowing information such as the search keywords or webpage that drove the call and the caller’s identity and geographic location helps agents tailor the conversation to win new customers or upsell existing ones.