Dynamic Call Routing to Convert Callers to Customers

Eliminate friction in the customer journey by automatically routing each caller to the best location, call center, or agent right away.

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ExperienceHub™ Optimizes the Customer Experience Through Dynamic Call Routing

Set up rules in DialogTech to have each caller routed optimally for the best experience. ExperienceHub offers the widest range of intelligent call routing options to choose from, including time of day, the marketing source that drove the call, caller location, agent skillset, and more. Route calls to any store location, office, call center, agent, or IVR — works for every phone system and device.

Self-Serve Interface Makes It Easy to Configure Routing Rules

DialogTech is built for marketers to use, not IT. We make it easy for anyone to set up sophisticated call routing rules and processes. Simply determine the ideal way to route callers to your business and the DialogTech interface walks you through the setup quickly and easily. Then make changes to routing rules for any active marketing campaign on the fly without touching the ads or web content.

View Real-Time Call Routing Reports

Monitor call routing activity within DialogTech with real-time reports. Provide location-specific reports to any store or franchisee to prove how many calls you send them. View who is receiving the most and least calls from each marketing source. Detect trends in call activity and correct potential issues before they impact the business.