Block Spam Calls from Hurting Your Business

Prevent unwanted spam calls from corrupting your call tracking data and disrupting your business with DialogTech’s SpamSentry™.

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SpamSentry Blocks Spam Calls to Ensure Accurate Marketing Attribution Data

Part of our industry-leading SourceIQ™ call tracking technology, DialogTech’s SpamSentry is our patented spam call detection and protection product. Machine learning automatically identifies spam calls in real time, preventing them from reaching and disrupting your business. SpamSentry also removes spam calls from your call tracking data, so your reports and analytics are always accurate.

Don’t Let Robocalls and Spam Ruin Your Attribution Data

Call attribution data is only valuable when it’s accurate. Don’t let malicious spam and robocalls skew the accuracy of your call data. SpamSentry eliminates spam calls from DialogTech reports and the data we integrate with your other marketing tools, so you can be confident you’re making decisions based on accurate results.

Only SpamSentry Uses AI to Identify and Block Spam

SpamSentry is the industry standard in spam call detection. Machine learning was applied across tens of thousands of phone calls to understand exactly what human callers sound like and how to differentiate them from non-human callers. SpamSentry is the only solution that uses this adaptive machine learning technology to self-identify spam calls and immediately prevent them from reaching a business’ call center and locations.