Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Tracks Calls from Your Website

Get amazing insights into how your website and digital advertising drive callers and customers with DialogTech’s SourceIQ™ DNI.

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Track More Call Data With Less Numbers With DialogTech’s Dynamic Number Insertion

Omni-channel marketing programs are complex and robust. Businesses that interact with thousands or millions of consumers require systems that are scalable and flexible enough to capture the most granular of activities while making efficient use of resources. Brands that require scaled attribution measurement for high call volume trust DialogTech’s SourceIQ DNI to deliver.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Is Essential for Scale

To track callers from your website, DialogTech’s SourceIQ uses dynamic number insertion (DNI) code that can be easily placed on your site. The DNI code changes the phone numbers on your website with trackable phone numbers (local, international, or toll-free) based on the visitor and how they found you. When the visitor calls, all the amazing data on what drove each of their visits and their activity in each of their website sessions is connected to the call.

Using the Fewest Numbers Creates the Most Efficiency

To truly make content and media work as hard as possible, marketers need accuracy and scale. DialogTech does it for less, with its DNI technology requiring the fewest phone numbers for tracking online and mobile sources. DialogTech uses a proprietary Heartbeat Technology unique to SourceIQ. It actively monitors each website session for inactivity and quickly returns phone numbers of inactive sessions to a pool for reuse.

Learn How DNI Works to Track Calls from Your Website