All the Benefits of AI Analytics with None of the Headaches

Get insights on caller intent, lead quality, conversion outcomes, and more to immediately improve marketing and sales performance.

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Easy-to-Deploy AI Solution for Scoring and Analyzing Conversations

DialogTech’s DialogAnalytics™ Pro makes it easy for any business to harness the power of AI to optimize marketing and sales performance. It records and transcribes every inbound call and uses AI algorithms tailored to your business to score conversations for caller intent, lead quality, conversion outcomes, and more. Insights are delivered in easy-to-understand reports and activated within tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Adobe, and more to help you improve results immediately.

Always-Learning AI Tailored to Your Business

Leveraging DialogTech’s decade of insights from analyzing billions of voice interactions, DialogAnalytics Pro’s AI examines calls for dozens of key indicators — including Appointment Discussed, Quote Made, and Price Objection. Our always-learning AI algorithms then score calls for three important marketing and sales metrics:

  • Lead Score: Measure the quality of the calls generated by your marketing.
  • Sales Opportunity: Measure how many sales opportunities are driven by marketing campaigns and handled by each location or agent.
  • Conversion Rate: When a location or agent has a good prospect on the phone, measure how often they convert to an appointment, opportunity or customer.

Easy-to-Understand Reports and Martech Integrations

DialogAnalytics Pro delivers results to you in visually appealing reports that are easy to understand and act on. You can see the marketing tactics generating the best leads and the sales tactics converting the most callers to customers. You can also pass insights from conversations Google Ads, Google Analytics, Adobe, and other marketing solutions you use to improve conversion rates, audience targeting, and customer acquisition.