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DialogTech Continues To March Upmarket With Version 3.2

Chicago, September 8, 2010 – DialogTech, a leading customer interaction management company, today announced a series of enhancements to support midmarket customers, including updates to its Call Distributor features, Call Tracking capabilities, and Call Reporting.

DialogTech is democratizing the marketplace by providing SMB customers with access to Enterprise quality voice capabilities, said DialogTech’s CEO Irv Shapiro. With Version 3.2, we continue to help businesses manage, measure, and automate phone calls.

The release of Version 3.2 hastens DialogTech’s march upmarket. While the company began selling to small businesses in 2007, it has since responded to market demand by expanding feature sets to support mid-size businesses. Version 3.2 enhancements include:

Call Distributor

  • Agent Modes provide more granularity for data-driven managers overseeing distributed workforces and for call centers billing clients by the minute. With the new modes (e.g. open, busy, calling, on call, break, closed, and lunch), managers can effortlessly track the time each agent spends on calls, breaks, and other work.
  • Application Transfers enable agents using any phone to transfer callers to a different number, department, or post-call survey, providing callers with a more seamless experience.

Call Tracking

  • SourceTrak helps businesses of any size measure phone call conversions and optimize advertising spend based on response rates to marketing campaigns. For example, to measure response rates, a marketer could place one unique phone number in an infomercial or dynamically display hundreds of unique phone numbers on a website depending on the traffic referral source.
  • Call Tracking Analyzer supports more granular measurement of media sources across multiple marketing campaigns by showing call counts for offline media sources and conversion rates for online campaigns.


  • Custom Dashboards show reports about the application a customer most actively utilizes to save time and provide a unique customer experience.
  • Reporting improvements offer enhanced usability and customization options, as well as a series of new reports to help businesses better measure account activity.

DialogTech is committed to creating industry leading solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage, and that means you will continue to see more innovative updates to DialogTech’s platform, said Shapiro.

To learn more about DialogTech’s applications, including Call Tracking, Virtual Call Center, and IVR software, visit

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