Boost Media, DialogTech and IgnitionOne Announce New Partnership

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 15, 2015 – Boost Media, DialogTech, and IgnitionOne today announced a partnership that will dramatically enhance marketers’ ability to drive enhanced digital advertising performance across search, social and display. This new partnership aligns Boost Media, the leader in creative optimization marketing technology, with DialogTech, the market leader in call analytics and delivery, and IgnitionOne, a comprehensive marketing cloud leader.

Effectively reaching and engaging with customers has grown increasingly complex due to the widespread use of technology and proliferation of devices. Customers in every market demand new levels of relevance and more sophisticated messaging. As consumer behavior is changing rapidly, marketers need to adapt by investing in technologies that enable them to reach and engage with their customers in new ways that ultimately drive higher quality conversions more efficiently.

The combination of Boost Media, DialogTech and IgnitionOne enables digital marketers to reach customers at the right time with the right message. These three solutions

enable marketers to expand their marketing strategy through innovative ways of accessing data and applying actionable insights across every marketing channel. Additionally, digital marketers gain the ability to create more personalized messaging, access advanced reporting solutions and receive valuable insights through analytics tools to make more informed online marketing decisions.

“This partnership will provide marketers a unique toolset to deliver targeted messaging that resonates with their audience to not only improve performance, but also provide a deeper understanding of what creative strategies work and why,” said Boost Media CEO Tim Krozek.  “Combining the strengths of DialogTech and IgnitionOne with our platform helps us better serve all our customers in the evolving market.”

The partnership ensures the highest return on search marketing dollars by providing additional personalized experiences for customers. Advertisers can search actual customer conversations for words, phrases and attitudes associated with key themes for particular brands, industries, and clients so ad creative resonates directly with key audiences.

“Smart marketers are taking advantage of all three best of breed solutions to minimize the complexity of search marketing and gain peace of mind.” said Josh Mallamud, senior vice president of strategic partnerships and corporate development at DialogTech. “By optimizing conversions and ad creative, marketers are able to grow customer value and gain stronger returns on marketing investment.”

“Our goal, and the goal of this partnership, is to simplify marketing at every step of the customer journey,” said Dave Ragals, global director of search at IgnitionOne. “By approaching each customer as an individual, marketers can drive conversions and revenue. Together our companies help achieve this.”

To learn more about these digital marketing solutions, tune into our joint webinar on “The Audience-Powered Breakthrough: Using Search to Optimize Results” featuring panelists from Boost Media, DialogTech and IgnitionOne on September 30, 2015. For more information and to register, click here.

About Boost Media

Boost Media is the leading creative optimization platform for marketers managing search, social, video, or display advertising. Boost Media brings together an automated insight and analysis SaaS platform with the largest curated marketplace of writers and designers, all focused on improving the creative layer of digital marketing.

Boost Media helps marketers increase the profitability of their campaigns by saving time and improving the results of their creative development efforts. The combination of actionable insights, with diverse and scalable creative sourcing, increases consumer engagement and improves campaign ROI.

With over 1,000 experienced writers and designers in the Boost Marketplace, Boost Media can provide the scale and fast reaction time to meet the most demanding digital campaigns. Marketers can gain peace of mind from a system designed to monitor and report issues and opportunities in the creative layer. Creative optimization remains the last mile of the digital marketing cloud and Boost Media provides the tools and marketplace to improve consumer engagement.

Boost Media, the leader in creative optimization, has delivered more than $1 billion in optimized digital ads for leading brands. Based in San Francisco, Boost is used by more than 150 leading global brands to drive marketing campaign performance. To learn more about Boost Media, visit us at

About IgnitionOne

IgnitionOne is a global marketing cloud leader. The company’s Digital Marketing Suite (DMS), with a powerful customer data management platform (DMP) at its core, simplifies life for marketers by providing an integrated suite of solutions that significantly improve digital marketing performance across all devices. The DMS encompasses algorithmic media management across channels such as search, programmatic display, mobile, email and social; advanced data management; user scoring, lead optimization and website personalization. With a global footprint of over 450 employees in 17 offices across 10 countries, IgnitionOne is one of the largest independent marketing technology companies in the world.

IgnitionOne currently scores over 300 million users monthly in 75 countries and powers more than $30 billion in revenue each year for leading brands, including General Motors, CenturyLink, Bridgestone, La Quinta and Fiat, as well as advertising agencies such as 360i, GroupM and iProspect.

For more information, please visit, follow the company on Twitter @ignitionone or visit the blog at



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