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Preferred Telephony Solution For Ad Agencies and Web Designers


For a while now we’ve been saying that DialogTech makes developing telephony solutions as easy as building websites. The idea is that anyone who can develop a website can easily and quickly develop a custom telephony solution to integrate voice into advertising and marketing campaigns.

For example, ad agencies generally use our instant trackable phone numbers, advanced call routing, IVR capabilities and real-time call analytics reports to track the success of their clients’ campaigns. Web developers can create custom voice mashups or integrate voice into a website or business processes to cut costs and/or create new revenue opportunities.

Along those lines, leading phone mashup expert Thomas Howe recently reaffirmed the idea that DialogTech provides an excellent solution for both ad agencies and web designers. On his company blog, Thomas Howe recently wrote:

“I’m also thinking that web designers will prefer ifByPhone’s HTML centric approach over on the fly XML creation or REST interfaces. The ifByPhone technical approach favors those who are DHTML centric . . . So, as far as adoption, my bet is that the creative Ad agencies continue to favor the folks from Chicago.”

Learn more on the DialogTech website.