Your Office Phone System Is Down – Now What?


Your office’s phone system is down. Now what?

One of the most common disruptions to befall a business is a temporary disruption of their phone service due to a break in the lines to the office. The phone numbers still work, but until the connection is fixed, as far as customers and prospects are concerned, you are closed. 

How do you eliminate the risk of phone downtime?

One popular option is to consider a hosted phone system as a backup, or insurance plan. Phone Continuity plans let you create a virtual phone system that mirrors your existing phone system, only it routes income calls to employee cell phones if their office phones are out. When an office phone system outage occurs, simply forward incoming calls to a preconfigured DialogTech Virtual Phone system to continue receiving inbound phone calls. 

Setting up a virtual phone system to backup your office phone system is very fast. You can literally configure a system in a few minutes. You simply record a virtual receptionist greeting, set menu options for reaching departments or employees within the company, and you are set. Additionally, DialogTech offers call forwarding, sales lead distributors, company directory menus, voice mail to email and more.

Want to learn more?

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