Pay-Per-Call Marketing in a Mobile-First World

Get insight into the newest ad strategies and call conversion technology to unleash the power of pay-per-call.

Mobile Helps Pay-Per-Call Marketers Drive Revenue

Smartphones and click-to-call have redefined pay-per-call marketing. It’s a no-brainer for performance marketers looking to boost commissions.

But you must adopt new advertising and optimization strategies to unleash the power of pay-per-call. You also need the right pay-per-call technology to track, analyze, and route callers to the right buyers. Use this guide to get started.

108 billion calls
will come from mobile marketing in 2016.
$4.5 billion
will be spent on performance marketing in 2016.

About DialogTech

DialogTech provides the only platform for end-to-end call attribution and conversion essential for today’s data-driven marketer. It gives you the insight to invest in campaigns that drive calls and the technology to help those calls convert to revenue.

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