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SEO Performance Survey and Best Organic Search Tools for Agencies


It’s important for marketing agencies to put together the best package of tools and strategies for tracking, monitoring, and optimizing SEO performance for their clients. In this short 6-question survey we ask the questions that matter most to marketing agencies exploring SEO tools, strategies, and the metrics that matter most in reporting on and optimizing performance. Take the short survey now – no email address or phone number required.

Below are three tools agencies should explore for SEO performance tracking, monitoring, and optimization.

Call Attribution and Analytics for Organic Search

If your agency produces any kind of content – blog posts, white papers, eBooks, press releases – for your clients, it’s important that you track the organic leads that content generates. Leads from SEO aren’t always easy to track – especially when a lead picks up and calls instead of filling out a web form. With call attribution and call analytics, agencies are able to display unique phone numbers to website visitors coming from organic searches – if the searcher calls the number displayed to them it will be attributed to the organic source that drove it. This is particularly important for mobile searchers – more than 50% of mobile searches result in a phone call – so if you’re displaying a unique, trackable phone number to organic mobile visitors, that phone call will be tracked as SEO and attributed accurately to the source that drove it.

In the image below you can see a sample report of call tracking analytics and how many calls one company drove from SEO in a one month period.

DialogTech Call Tracking SEO

Adobe Analytics

With Adobe Analytics marketers and agencies are able to gather and analyze a wide array of data around how website visitors access their websites and then convert. Adobe Analytics offers advanced segmentation, marketing attribution, mobile app analytics, real-time web analytics, and more. This tool, paired with call tracking, helps agencies leverage conversion data to improve ROI. With call attribution data alongside Adobe’s website analytics, agencies see how their marketing is generating both online and offline conversions.

Adobe analytics tracks website visitors’ interactions, helping agencies gain insight into how visitors convert, which campaigns convert the best, and in turn reducing cost per conversion.  

Optimizely for Organic Search A/B Testing

Running A/B tests on your clients’ websites is necessary to improve conversion rates from organic search – and every other source. With Optimizely you can test different variations of the landing pages you use to drive organic traffic and leads. It’s easy to test out different calls to action, different color schemes, layouts, etc., all through the Optimizely interface. There is no need to design, code, or develop landing page variants – you can do all of that with Optimizely’s user-friendly interface.

Testing different elements of a web page can cause a dramatic difference in conversion rates. In fact, A/B testing is the most-used method for improving conversion rates (Econsultancy). Yet only 52% of companies and agencies using landing pages also test them to find ways to improve conversions (Marketing Sherpa). Optimizely makes it easy to set up, run, and report on every A/B test you run. See how easy it is in the screen shot below where we are editing the Request a Demo call-to-action on the DialogTech website.

A/B Testing with Optimizely and DialogTech

It’s important for agencies to always be on top of the latest tools for reporting on and optimizing organic search. Tracking the conversions and leads their marketing generates for clients is key – and then offering new ways to convert more traffic into leads, opportunities, and revenue is next. If you are an agency looking to drive more revenue to your customers, get this free guide, “Agency Marketing in a Mobile World: Prove and Improve ROI with Call Attribution and Optimization.