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Mobile Web Dynamics Favor Advertisers and “Click-to”s


It’s a mistake to see the mobile Web as just a “smaller” version of the desktop Web. That mobile Web is really a whole new animal with completely different dynamics. Nothing makes that clearer than this post, Get Clickthrough Rates Through the Roof, by Mike Baker, CEO of Nokia mobile Web marketing subsidiary Enpocket. Baker reports that mobile Web clickthrough rates average 2-6 percent — and gives one example where CTR was an exceptional 8 percent.

The reason? An “engaging” user experience, Baker says. An experience that’s connected to what you’re doing right now.

Think about that. If you’re surfing the Web on your phone, chances are you’re looking for something specific and entertaining — you’re not doing research for your term paper on your phone, right?

Perhaps you’re looking at Daily Show clips or listening to music. Or maybe you want to find a restaurant or a store. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure out that someone searching for “Chinese food” on a mobile phone has a higher-than-average probability of clicking on an ad for a nearby Chinese restaurant. To make that experience even more engaging, put a click-to-call in the ad so making reservations and getting directions are as easy as rolling downhill.