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Mobile TV Growth Will Drive Call-to-Action Mobile Advertising


There’s been a lot of hype about mobile advertising in the last few years. But the reality has left many asking with the old commercial “Where’s the beef?”

In Mobile TV, says Frank Dickson of Multimedia Intelligence. In a post at RCR Wireless, Dickson says that as mobile TV grows, so will the mobile advertising opportunity.

Unlike many other forms of mobile advertising, the familiarity of the broadcasting advertising model makes mobile video advertising very easy for advertising buyers to understand,” he writes.

And although the small screen doesn’t hold a candle to the big screen for watching a full episode of Mad Men, it’s the perfect device for interactive, call-to-action advertising like click-to-call. Dickson reports that CPMs go up with call-to-action advertising, partly because viewers are more inclined to see the ad as a service, similar to those “you may also like” recommendations on e-commerce sites.