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October 5–6, 2021

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MashUps on the Up


In a recent NY Times article we learn that Microsoft, whose philosophy for the last 25 years has been to build “shrink-wrapped software,” is slowly moving towards the Web 2.0 side of the Net and introducing MashUps into its development plan. While it’s hardly a trend at the company, it does show a transition from Microsoft, who has often been reluctant to stray from its lucrative mold, towards the Web-based applications popular at Google and in the rest of Silicon Valley. Add this to Microsoft’s bid (rejected this morning) of Yahoo! and we see a stark difference in the way this company is beginning to do business.

The technology is there. Combining different modes of communication across the Net has never been easier. And now we see the Emerald City Superstar slowly moving towards the future. Have you looked into how MashUps can improve your company’s infrastructure and bottom line?