Joe The Plumber: 3 Phone Features To Help His Business


Joe the Plumber has been all over the news, and surely this coverage is overwhelming his business. Since last May DialogTech was in the news for rescuing an overwhelmed business, we want to have fun exploring 3 ways to do the same for Joe during his 15 minutes of fame.

First, let’s consider Joe’s main business problem–he wants to take advantage of this news coverage to generate more business without drowning in phone calls that won’t improve his bottom line.

Here are 3 potential solutions:

Get a Virtual Receptionist
Joe is going to be getting a lot of phone calls. He probably doesn’t want them all to go to his cell phone. With a virtual receptionist, Joe can professionally greet all callers with an automated message, and then route them based on whether they are a customer needing their sink fixed or a reporter trying to get a story. Additionally, Joe could use an IVR to route calls based on answers to automated questions or a Find Me to forward calls between phones.

Voice Broadcasting To Current Customers
If we were Joe, we’d leverage our 15 minutes of fame by going back to satisfied customers. Joe could send a voice broadcast to his client list saying, “Hi. This is Joe The Plumber. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for me to come by and fix any plumbing problem, press 1 and you’ll be transferred back to me to make an appointment.” This would be a great way for Joe to efficiently generate business and connect with previously satisfied customers.

Geo-Route Calls With Store Locator
Our guess is that Joe only wants phone calls from customers in the region he services. To save time, he could screen out calls from regions he doesn’t serve. For example, calls coming from his area code would go straight to his cell phone, while calls coming from other places (most likely reporters he doesn’t want to talk to) could be routed straight to voice mail, which Joe could check at his earliest convenience.

Joe, if you’d like to learn about additional ways we can save you time, generate leads, and route calls, visit DialogTech’s website.