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Introducing The DialogTech Lead Distributor


Just a few days after launching the DialogTech Voice Broadcast app for the iPhone, today we are introducing the DialogTech Lead Distributor.

Basically, the DialogTech Lead Distributor allows DialogTech customers to establish a virtual call center without any start-up expense.

As an excerpt from our press release states,

The DialogTech Lead Distributor offers a host of productivity benefits for small- and medium-sized businesses already taking advantage of DialogTech’s ability to integrate Web and telephone services. The intelligent tool also enables businesses to distribute calls across traditional call centers to the appropriate call taker, regardless of location. Upon receipt of a call, the Lead Distributor evaluates the time of day, day of week, caller-ID and number of calls previously transferred to a particular location before determining where to send the call.

Here is a nice screen shot of the easy-to-use user interface:

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Learn more about the DialogTech Lead Distributor on our website.