Turn Your Customer Support Calls Into Zendesk Support Tickets!

Do you know how much great customer support is worth to your business? Consider this: happy customers who get their issue resolved tell roughly four to six people about their experience.1 With unhappy customers, 91% of them will not willingly do business with your organization again.2

1 Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs, Washington, DC
2 Source: Lee Resource Inc.

With the DialogTech Widget For Zendesk, You Can:

  • Improve customer service with a feature-rich voice widget that automatically records phone calls and captures important call information.
  • Activate a system that tracks the progression of your customer support calls and integrates easily with Zendesk and other CRMs.
  • Serve more customers faster with voice-based tools that help you shorten response time.
  • Save time and money with an efficient, easy-to-use integration that displays your most important call data up front, and scales to fit any size workforce.

A positive support experience for your customers can mean higher customer retention rates, a boost in customer satisfaction and increased opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. To provide these quality customer experiences, it’s also important to remember your customer support agents; help your agents be as efficient and happy as possible so they can give your customers first-rate service and support.

How It Works

The DialogTech Widget for Zendesk seamlessly integrates your customer support calls with Zendesk ticketing through two key components:

Voice Mail Integration

  • Customers leave a voice message which is automatically recorded
  • DialogTech routes the voice message and transcription to Zendesk
  • Zendesk creates a new ticket with the transcription and the audio file Call Distributor Widget

Call Distributor Widget

  • Your help desk manager configures the DialogTech
  • Your agents install the DialogTech Widget in their Zendesk accounts
  • Immediately provide and access phone support within your Zendesk account

Customer Success Stories

Our partners at Zendesk used the DialogTech Widget to improve their already best-in-class customer support. Here’s what the DialogTech Widget did for Zendesk’s customer support capabilities:

  • Dropped calls decreased by 50%
  • With DialogTech’s reporting tools, Zendesk was able to easily understand their call routing and how they could capture the most calls
  • Voicemail transcription saved agents time by making it easy to see what calls were about at a glance
  • Agents were happier with the ability to work from home/remotely
“Through our partnership with DialogTech, Zendesk now allows customer service organizations to add automated call handling and management to their Zendesk help desk platform. This is yet another addition to Zendesk’s multi-channel support capabilities that include email, web, social media, online chat, community forums and mobile apps.”

Zack Urlocker
COO of Zendesk

DialogTech Widget for Zendesk Features

Agent Panel Features

Outbound calling through Agent Panel

Live call redirect (transfer calls from one queue to another)

Outbound caller ID control

Customer whisper information

View of keywords searched in Google PPC

International calling

Real-time insight into call center performance

Customer info from Salesforce.com

Real-time integrated notes for each caller

Ability to accept toll-free calls

Support and Zendesk Ticket Features

Availability and call routing settings adjust in real-time based on agent’s current call status

Multiple levels of transcription assistance

Direct connection with knowledgeable support team

Voicemails automatically create new Zendesk ticket

Calls automatically record and embed to Zendesk ticket

“The DialogTech-Zendesk integration reduces our firm’s phone costs by 80%, ensures our clients receive high quality customer service, and saves our support team time by aggregating all support inquiries, via phone, email, and web, in one place. We’ve successfully helped ourselves and our clients through this automated integration. I highly recommend Zendesk customers consider DialogTech as their phone solution!”

Jonathan Hunt
President, FundNET Systems Inc.

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