Track, manage, and optimize phone leads and support calls throughout the customer journey — from leads to revenue to loyal customers

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DialogTech’s Award-Winning Integration with the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds

Align marketing, sales, and support teams to optimize lead generation, revenue, and customer loyalty. Salesforce customers rely on DialogTech to analyze, qualify, route, and manage sales and support calls to turn more leads into sales and more customers into loyal, repeat business.

Know Which Marketing Programs Make Your Phone Ring

DialogTech’s integration with Salesforce tracks incoming calls back to the specific marketing source that originated them. It works for any type of marketing – online, mobile, or offline. DialogTech then includes this data in Salesforce with the rest of your lead data, giving you complete, detailed visibility into conversion rates, sales pipeline, and marketing ROI for every source.

With DialogTech’s Salesforce integration, you have the marketing data you need to optimize campaigns. Plus you can prove to your CEO or marketing clients the full impact of your work on revenue.

Arm Sales and Support Agents with Context on Every Caller Before Answering

DialogTech includes an integrated phone panel within Salesforce that your agents can use to make and receive calls. When calls come in, the panel displays the caller’s name, number and location, as well as the exact lead source for the call, including any search keywords they used to find you. It also whispers this data to your agent before they accept the call, so even if agents answer away from their computer, they are still armed with valuable information for improving conversation quality.

Create and Update Lead Records and Support Cases for Every Call Automatically

If the lead or support case already exists in Salesforce, the DialogTech panel will display the name and provide a quick link to the record for easy access. If it’s a first-time caller, DialogTech can automatically create a new Salesforce record, saving your agents time.

If calls go unanswered, DialogTech still captures the data and displays it in a Missed Call queue for easy access, ensuring you never miss a lead. And if the call is from a number with no assigned contact, DialogTech stores the data in a queue and automatically syncs it to the right record once that person is known.

DialogTech’s Integration with Salesforce Also Includes:

Recordings & Transcriptions

Access recordings in Salesforce and automatically transcribe calls to any agent, location, or call center.

AI & Machine Learning

Have AI analyze calls for you to measure caller intent, lead quality, conversion rates, and sales agent performance.


Pass DialogTech and Salesforce data to your other marketing tools, bid management solutions, and digital ad platforms.


Answer, assist, and qualify callers 24/7 with professional IVRs that you can build and update without IT.

Contextual Call Routing

Route calls based on the caller’s geographic location, day and time, marketing source, caller history, and more.

Call Forwarding

Ring multiple phones at once or in any order — if no one answers, send calls to another person, group, or voicemail.

“DialogTech is the ideal solution for us. We can see how much we are spending in a campaign, what’s converted over the phone, and ultimately the lifetime value of those conversions.”

— Kevin Budzynski, CMO at Monroe Engineering · Read Their Story

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