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Capture intelligence on every phone call, caller, and conversation generated from your marketing within Microsoft Dynamics 365 to accurately measure ROI and convert more callers to customers

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Phone Conversations Are Your Most Valuable Customer Interaction

Even in today’s digital world, a phone conversation is often the best way to earn a customer’s business. And as digital advertising goes mobile, these customer calls are skyrocketing, with calls to U.S. businesses from mobile advertising to exceed 100 billion this year. Marketers can no longer measure and optimize ROI without knowing how each channel is generating not just calls, but customers. The DialogTech integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides that insight and more.

DialogTech Eliminates the Critical Blind Spot in Your Microsoft Dynamics Reporting

DialogTech adds the missing element of phone call analytics to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Marketers now have actionable insights into how every channel, ad, search keyword, and marketing interaction drives calls and customers. You have a complete view of the customer journey within Microsoft Dynamics 365 – whether a consumer converts online or by phone — and the insights to optimize marketing to generate greater revenue at lower costs.

Make Sales Teams More Efficient and Effective

DialogTech also makes sales teams more efficient and effective by automatically populating Microsoft Dynamics records with data on every call and caller, even if the call goes unanswered. Instead of manually inputting caller information, your sales team is free to focus on providing a quality call experience.

Highlights of the DialogTech Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Detailed Call Attribution from Source to Sale

Know which marketing channels, ads, search keywords, campaigns, and website interactions generate calls that become customers.

Demographic Data on Inbound Callers

Capture over 50 data points on each caller, including their name, caller ID, and geographic location, within Microsoft Dynamics 365, even if the call goes unanswered.

Insightful Reports on the Impact of Calls

View reports within Microsoft Dynamics 365 on call volume from each marketing source for any time period to see its impact on sales opportunities, pipeline, and revenue.

Call Logging

Save sales agents time and eliminate manual errors by having information on each call and caller — including call duration, time, date, and call context — logged and tied to a new or current contact based on caller ID.

“With DialogTech, we’ve added callers from marketing to the mix and are attributing 150% more revenue within Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

— Jeffrey Loretta, Marketing CRM Specialist at Arbor Memorial

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