Kenshoo provides the leading cloud-based digital marketing software and predictive media optimization technology. DialogTech integrates with Kenshoo to provide marketers and agencies with call analytics data they can use to optimize PPC bids, conversions, and ROI.

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Optimize Calls and Sales for Kenshoo Local

Thanks to smartphones, a growing number of leads are researching products online but converting offline by phone. That’s why Kenshoo has partnered with DialogTech to include our advanced call tracking analytics data in their optimization solution.

Kenshoo provides a global solution for marketing optimization. This solution consists of a suite of services that allows marketers, developers, and brands to optimize search, social, mobile, and display advertising in one easy place. Kenshoo’s suite accounts for nearly $350 billion in annualized client sales revenue. They operate in nearly 200 countries with almost half of the Fortune 50 and all top 10 global ad agency networks.

Using Kenshoo and DialogTech Together, Advertisers Can:

  • Understand what digital marketing placements lead to a phone call, opportunity, and sale.
  • Automatically reallocate budgets to the highest performing ads to meet and exceed your goals.
  • Control how calls are routed –– including routing mobile callers to their closest store – to optimize sales.
  • Listen to recordings of conversations between callers and agents to measure quality.
  • Generate detailed reports to prove to clients and execs how your marketing is impacting their business.

What Makes Kenshoo Unique?

  • Kenshoo offers separate platforms to manage Local, Social, Search, and Mobile.
  • The Kenshoo Infinity Suite, a platform to optimize the entire customer lifecycle, organizes consumers into personas and forecasts future performance.
  • Kenshoo is the only Facebook Marketing Partner with native API solutions for ads across Facebook, FBX, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo Japan, Bing, and Baidu.

Our Relationship

  • Without call tracking, Kenshoo customers are only optimizing bids based off online conversions.
  • This leads to a skewed cost per conversion and Kenshoo users optimizing based on only part of the overall picture.
  • DialogTech accounts for the offline call conversions that Kenshoo customers are missing.
  • The implementation of call tracking provides a greater ROI from digital advertising initiated through the Kenshoo platform.

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