Call Analytics for IgnitionOne

DialogTech seamlessly integrates with IgnitionOne to enable marketers to optimize paid search for what’s really driving calls and sales

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Add Call Analytics to IgnitionOne to Optimize Paid Search ROI

Mobile search advertising will drive 50 billion calls this year. You can’t optimize search ROI if you ignore calls. DialogTech’s call attribution and conversion platform seamlessly integrates with IgnitionOne to give you:

  • The most accurate call attribution for paid search
  • A complete picture of how your search advertising drives online and offline conversions
  • The ability to use IgnitionOne to optimize performance and spend for what’s really driving clicks, calls, and revenue

Optimize SEM With a Complete View of Click and Call Conversions in IgnitionOne

  • Use DialogTech to identify the traffic sources, search campaigns, ads, and keywords driving calls
  • Analyze click and call conversions to understand the true value of every keyword
  • Optimize bids for what’s really driving clicks and calls – eliminate wasted spend

Get industry-leading caller attribution data for Google call extensions. Use exclusive DialogTech workflow tools to automate the entire setup in AdWords – it’s fast and easy.

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