Add Call Analytics to IgnitionOne to Optimize Paid Search ROI

Mobile search advertising will drive 50 billion calls this year. You can’t optimize search ROI if you ignore calls. DialogTech’s call attribution and conversion platform seamlessly integrates with IgnitionOne to give you:

  • The most accurate call attribution for paid search
  • A complete picture of how your search advertising drives online and offline conversions
  • The ability to use IgnitionOne to optimize performance and spend for what’s really driving clicks, calls, and revenue

Optimize SEM With a Complete View of Click and Call Conversions in IgnitionOne

  • Use DialogTech to identify the traffic sources, search campaigns, ads, and keywords driving calls
  • Analyze click and call conversions to understand the true value of every keyword
  • Optimize bids for what’s really driving clicks and calls – eliminate wasted spend

Get industry-leading caller attribution data for Google call extensions. Use exclusive DialogTech workflow tools to automate the entire setup in AdWords – it’s fast and easy.

In-Call Optimization and Personalization Options

  • Use sophisticated IVR technology to qualify callers before passing to sales
  • Set up rules to route callers based on lead source, caller location, time/day of call, and more
  • Automatically route callers to the closest store with DialogTech’s geo-location technology

Understand Exactly What Happens on Every Call

DialogTech can optionally record, transcribe, and store conversations from the calls your marketing generates. You can run detailed analysis to understand caller intent and prove call quality. You can also analyze what words customers actually use to optimize your search campaigns, web content, emails, and more.

Easiest Setup and Industry-Leading Phone Support

DialogTech takes the pain and stress out of call attribution for IgnitionOne. Our code is extremely easy to set up on your site and never needs updating. And our customer support is second to none and always available by phone — free of charge — to help you solve your challenges.

Ready for a personal walkthrough of DialogTech?

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