Add Call Analytics to Convertro for Complete Multi-Touch Attribution

You can’t optimize your online marketing ROI if you ignore calls. DialogTech’s call analytics and automation platform seamlessly integrates with Convertro to include call conversions alongside the web data captured by Convertro for complete measurement of every lead’s path to conversion.

Understand How Call Conversions Influence the Customer Journey

With DialogTech and Convertro you can:

  • See where call conversions occur among all channels and devices to measure individual customer paths to conversion
  • Accurately attribute credit to call conversions for key KPIs (sales, ROI, profit, or custom) for every channel and marketing source
  • Increase ROI at no additional cost by reallocating budget to your most profitable sources driving calls and revenue

Determine How Your Digital Marketing Drives Calls

By including customer calls as a Convertro event you can:

  • Establish when phone calls occur in comparison to other online activities by utilizing Convertro event funnels
  • View cross channel performance to determine which channels drive the most call conversions and revenue per visit
  • Determine which channels are better at closing revenue versus assisting revenue with a phone call

About Convertro

Convertro, an offering of AOL Platforms, is a multi-touch attribution platform that allows marketers to determine how visitors find and interact with a brand. This functionality is extremely beneficial for companies that have very long sales cycles, as their customers and prospects tend to visit the website through a number of channels and may contact the organization using a variety of methods.

Companies that have short, frequent sales cycles can also benefit from using Convertro. Its multi-touch capabilities allow users to determine trends that many consumers follow to purchase products or services frequently.

For more information about Convertro, visit our partner’s website. If you would like to learn more about DialogTech’s integration, contact us for a demo today!

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