Convert More Callers to Customers with Amazon Connect and DialogTech

DialogTech helps Amazon Connect customers grow revenue by providing inbound callers with a personalized, winning customer experience. Contact centers running Amazon Connect can use the marketing insights DialogTech captures on each caller to generate better qualified inbound calls, convert more leads to customers, grow revenue, and reduce churn. Learn more at DialogTech's Amazon Connect Solution Space.

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Route Callers to the Best Agent to Convert Them

When shoppers call, it’s important to connect them quickly with the agent with the right skillset to convert them. DialogTech captures intelligence on each call — including the caller’s phone number and geographic location and the marketing channel, ad, keyword search, and webpage that drove the call — that Amazon Connect customers can use as signals to determine how to route each caller.

Amazon Connect

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Arm Contact Center Agents with Insights on Each Caller

Getting shoppers to call is the first step — knowing what to say is the second. DialogTech passes insight on each caller to Amazon Connect so contact center agents know before they answer the call who the caller is, where they are calling from, and why. This insight enables agents to anticipate a caller’s needs and deliver a more seamless, personalized experience to win the sale.

Provide Amazon Lex with Data to Personalize Engagements

DialogTech can feed data on each caller’s online journey and purchasing intent into Amazon Lex to influence voice interactions. Amazon Lex can also use DialogTech to identify the caller and look up their CRM data to make better recommendations in real time.

Prioritize the Most Valuable Callers

Contact centers can place callers from the marketing channels, ad campaigns, search keywords, or webpages with the highest purchasing intent into priority queues to get answered immediately.

Why DialogTech Is the Right Solution for Contact Centers Running Amazon Connect

Convert More Callers to Customers with Real-Time Marketing Intelligence

Unlike speech analytics providers that just focus on what was said on the call, DialogTech also enables you to use real-time marketing insights on each caller — including the caller’s phone number, geographic location, and marketing channel, campaign, ad variation, keyword search, and webpage that drove the call — to connect callers right away with the best agents to assist them. DialogTech also arms those agents with intelligence on the caller to convert them to a customer.

Get Insights to Improve Your Marketing and Sales

Powered by AI, DialogTech analyzes conversations to provide marketers and sales operators with a wealth of insights for smarter optimizations. Learn which channels, ads, keywords, and webpages drive the best sales calls, if new promotions are resonating, and why calls did or did not convert.

Exclusive Integration with Amazon Connect

DialogTech is the initial call analytics provider to integrate to Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex. Learn more at our AWS Quick Starts listing.

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