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Deliver more personalized customer experiences and grow revenue by leveraging insights on calls and conversations inside Adobe Experience Cloud

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Activate Intelligence on Your Callers Across Adobe Experience Cloud

For many industries, inbound calls are among the most valuable engagements, converting to revenue at high rates. DialogTech provides marketers with actionable intelligence on calls and conversations inside Adobe Experience Cloud. Optimize ROI, drive revenue, and deliver more personalized experiences across channels using complete customer data, online and offline.

Complete Your View of the Customer Journey with Call Analytics

Measure and optimize how your digital advertising drives calls and customers. Leverage rich customer intelligence on call activity and quality inside Adobe Analytics, including:

  • The marketing channel, ad, search keyword, and website interaction that drove the call
  • What’s said on the call, the caller’s geographic location, their purchasing intent, and if the call converted
  • What marketing programs are driving the most high-value calls

Optimize Campaigns to Drive More Clicks, Calls, and Customers

Generate more conversions for less by optimizing for what’s really working, both online and offline. Increase marketing ROI and grow revenue from search, social, and display with:

  • Intelligence on the channels, ads, search keywords, and website interactions driving quality calls
  • 100% keyword attribution for calls from Google Ads, whether from call extensions or website visits
  • Retargeting callers on search, social, and display based on what was said in the conversation

Better Optimize ROI and Personalize Experiences Using Insights on Callers

Use deep intelligence on callers to deliver more relevant, engaging experiences across all channels, devices, and customer touchpoints. Personalize content correctly to drive more conversions from consumers who prefer to call:

  • Know which webpages and test variations drive the most quality calls
  • Analyze what’s said on calls to understand caller intent and personalize future interactions
  • Optimize content and experiences to drive the right type of calls

Build Higher-Converting Audience Profiles from Your Best Callers

Create new high-converting audience segments using deep insights from calls and conversations. Grow your revenue with a unified, actionable view of audience behavior, online and offline.

  • Combine attributes from your digital and call data into high-value audiences for ad targeting
  • Leverage rich data on calls and conversations
  • Grow revenue by retargeting callers with relevant campaigns tailored to how they want to convert

Easily Deploy Call Tracking Across Your Website

Configure and deploy DialogTech across your entire site quickly and easily with Adobe Launch. Get up and running quickly without burdening your web developers:

  • Easily implement DialogTech call tracking on your website
  • Update DialogTech call tracking code quickly and easily
  • Easily select which web pages to activate call tracking

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