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The (Not Immediately Obvious) Benefits of Having a Store Locator


Having a store locator makes it easy for customers to find and visit your business, but if that’s the only benefit you can think of, you’re missing the other advantages that a store locator can provide.

Georoute Calls by Area Code, Zip Code, or Geocode

If your company has multiple locations or franchises, having the ability to route calls based on area code, zip code, or geocode can be a significant asset. If a customer calls from a phone number that has a Louisville, Kentucky area code, for example, it is likely that they are looking for a store in that area as well. With advanced call routing options, you can automatically send callers with a specific area code to the store location nearest to them.

Advertise A Single Number for All Locations

Using store locator technology, you no longer have to list ten different phone numbers for your ten different locations. There’s no confusion for customers and prospects: they associate that single phone number with your business and are more likely to retain it. Meanwhile, you can use the abovementioned routing options to still send the caller to the store location nearest to them.

Save Employees Time

Think about how many times your phone rings and you or your employees have to say, Sorry, we’re the location on X Street. You need the location on Y Road. Here’s the phone number. That wasted time adds up. If the only phone calls you have to take are ones that you already know are correctly routed, you’re freeing your employees up to tackle more important tasks and dedicate their energy to calls intended for your location.

Sophisticated store locator technology offers more than is immediately obvious, and the benefits are multiplied when the service you choose offers online configuration to make automation easy, as well as other perks like Spanish recognition, to help Spanish-speaking customers reach you. Enabling customers to get you on the phone is paramount in beginning a business relationship make it as easy as possible.