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Images and Text – What Grabs The Eye?


In a previous blog, we discussed the way placement, image, text, and branding are all vital to a successful Click-to-Call. Those are the basics that lead to more conversations with your customers. But let’s talk specifics. What types of images really grab a Web surfer’s attention? What text leads them to click a button or link and call? With all the advertising money pouring into Internet marketing these days, several studies have been conducted to help explain the subconscious decisions people make while browsing the Web. Though browsing habits vary across age groups and by sex, there are certain things you can count on and take into mind when designing your CTCs.

  • Large images jump out more quickly than medium-sized or small images, but it’s not always a good idea to throw a gigantic picture onto your site. What people zero in on most are faces. An image that contains a face, whether it’s a real photo or a graphic image, calls out to people and they look at it. Users also tend to look immediately at headlines, and oftentimes a headline embedded into an image can really strike out at a person.
  • As far as images of people go, Web surfers are discerning. Individuals are more likely to look at images of “real people” over those of models because most assume that content which features models are advertisements. Most Web surfers tend to skip over advertisements, preferring to get to the meat of an article ASAP.
  • For actionable text that guides a clicker, the consensus amongst researchers is that if you want someone to do something, say it. Simple, plain, commanding but friendly text is the best, and a simple declaration to “click to continue” can raise a click rate by as much as 8%. (Source: Copy blogger)

So what does this all mean? Well, without telling you how to design your CTC, we suggest refraining from going overboard on the size of the image. Remember, your CTC is meant to accent your site but not be the focus of it. Think about a friendly face (though not one of a supermodel) with some text above or below it that tells a caller to “click here to call me now.”

One more thing callers like to be assured that their number won’t be sold or given away to telemarketers, so it’s a good idea to place this information in the pop-up box that appears when someone clicks the CTC link. If you’re not using a pop-up box, then this information can be written in smaller type below the actionable text.