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DialogTech’s Virtual Receptionist To The Rescue (Part II)


The ifbyphone success story continues… “Popcorn retailer finds ingredients to success”.

Here is an excerpt from today’s San Antonio Business Journal:

“Garth Dennis, owner of San Antonio based World & Web Marketing, had been brought in a couple of months earlier to help redesign Papa Dean’s Web site. Now he was being called on to help with the spike in call volume that was threatening to put a crimp in the company’s blossoming sales.

Dennis knew just who to call. As a reseller for Skokie, IL. based DialogTech, a telephone application company, he was familiar with their products aimed at bringing enterprise level telecommunications technology to small business customers.

Soon, he had Papa Dean’s hooked up with a virtual receptionist platform that routed all the company’s calls through a series of menu items, answering simple questions and routing them to the company’s ecommerce Web site before allowing the few callers who still insisted on speaking to a live person through to the store.

‘One morning I was freaking out and almost in tears because I couldn’t keep up with the phone calls. It was insane,’ Staglik says. ‘DialogTech came to our rescue.‘”


DialogTech’s virtual receptionist helped to ease the pressure on in-person customer service and gave call-in customers, both existing and prospective, more information, Staglik adds.