The Undisputed Leader in Call Tracking & Voice-Based Marketing Automation


We are excited to be joining forces with DialogTech and adding our call tracking and analytics technology to DialogTech’s Voice360 platform.

By bringing these two companies together, we have created the undisputed global leader in call tracking and voice-based marketing automation. You can read a letter from Mongoose Metrics CEO Brad Reynolds here that talks more about the industry-leading partnership we have created by joining these two great companies.

Below you will find information about this partnership and what you can expect as a Mongoose Metrics customer over the coming weeks and months. You can also reach us by phone (877-473-1008) or email ( with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why was Mongoose Metrics acquired by DialogTech?
    Call tracking, analytics, and automation have become critical technologies for enterprises and agencies wanting to optimize marketing ROI and revenue from calls. As Mongoose Metrics users, you know this. By adding our technology to the DialogTech Voice360 platform, we can now offer customers the most complete, full-featured solution for generating, analyzing, and optimizing phone leads and voice interactions to fuel meaningful revenue growth. Our combined business is the strongest in the industry today and is best positioned to deliver even more value to customers tomorrow.
  2. How will the acquisition impact my existing Mongoose Metrics service?
    Current Mongoose Metrics customers will still have access to their accounts and the same great call tracking and analytics technologies you have relied on to prove and improve marketing ROI. Nothing has changed.
  3. Will my Mongoose Metrics account manager and support reps still be available to assist me?
    Yes, your account manager and support reps will still be available to assist you whenever you need help. Our Cleveland office will remain open and our staff will remain in operation and will continue to serve customers and develop innovative technologies.
  4. Will the price of my service change?
    No. Your existing pricing will not change. If you’d like to learn about additional products and features DialogTech offers and their pricing, contact your account rep today.
  5. How will the products change over time?
    Over time, we expect to merge our two call tracking and voice-based marketing automation platforms to offer even more functionally, better service, and a superior customer experience.
  6. How does DialogTech’s Voice360 platform differ from my Mongoose Metrics service?
    DialogTech’s Voice360 platform has many unique and amazing capabilities you might be interested in exploring, including:

    • Call scoring tools to qualify and filter out non-sales calls, answer callers questions, and score conversations to better measure lead quality.
    • Call routing tools, including geo-location technology, to optimally route calls to the best office, store, or agent based on the call’s marketing source, caller’s location, time/day, and more.
    • Call management tools to implement your own professional virtual call center that supports agents working from any location, on any device, using any phone system.
    • Voice broadcasting tools to deliver personalized, interactive phone messages to confirm appointments, nurture leads, solicit re-orders, conduct surveys, and more.

    You can learn more about DialogTech’s platform and request a personal demo here.

  7. What if I wish to switch my service to the DialogTech Voice360 platform?
    If you are interesting in switching from your Mongoose Metrics service to DialogTech’s Voice360, simply give us a call at (877) 295-5100 or email us at to get started.
  8. Does DialogTech have any online resources to help me optimize marketing ROI and revenue generation from inbound and outbound calls?
    Yes, the DialogTech website has many resources geared towards helping marketing and sales teams improve ROI and grow revenue, including:

    • The DialogTech blog, which gets updated several times a week
    • The DialogTech Resource Center, which has eBooks, webinars, and other content you might find useful
    • The DialogTech Twitter feed, which links to the latest content and best practices on voice-based marketing automation