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Ifbyphone Is Now DialogTech, and We’re Starting a Revolution

Irv Shapiro Founder & Executive Chairman, DialogTech

It’s time to start a revolution. For millions of years, the difference between humans and every other species on this planet has been our ability to talk to each other, to have a conversation; to have a dialog. Yet for close to 15 years, e-commerce technologists have been attempting to steal our humanity. They’ve told us that anything we ever want to buy can be dropped into a shopping cart and paid for with a credit card. No human interaction required.

Guess what? They’re wrong.

Here in Chicago this week, it”s freezing cold. If a pipe bursts in your basement, you’re not dropping a plumber into a shopping cart and then sitting by the door to wait. You’re picking up the phone and calling. You might do a local search (either on your smartphone or on another device) but to get a plumber into your home to fix your burst pipe, you’re going to want to call. You need to have a conversation–a dialog–with the plumber. You need to ask things like, “How do I turn off the water? What should I do until you get here?”

The same thing goes for other kinds of transactions. When I was growing up, the life insurance salesman used to come and sit on the couch and talk to my father. Nowadays, most of that process has changed, but one important part has not: no one buys life insurance without having a conversation, an exchange of questions and answers. A dialog.

Even businesses that aren’t driving leads for themselves (agencies, for example) understand the importance of conversation. It’s been proven that these voice interactions drive revenue, and as a result marketing firms are hot on the trail of how to master (and measure) one of the most basic parts of business: dialogs.

We are rebranding our company because we recognize the power of voice, the power of dialog, and the uniqueness of humans. As a company, we further recognize that voice-based dialogs no longer occur exclusively on phones, and we want to emphasize that we’re in the business of transforming commerce by helping businesses unleash the power of conversation to optimize marketing, grow revenue, and delight customers.

It used to be that companies could differentiate by building great websites and fantastic e-commerce experiences. Or, more recently, with wonderful apps. Today, that’s nothing unique. Every business has a website. Every business has an e-commerce site. Everyone has an app. As we move deeper into the Digital Age, our tools become more sophisticated and our toys become more advanced. But if you want to differentiate your company today, you have to do it the old-fashioned way: you have to talk to your customers.

At DialogTech, we make it easy to utilize voice conversations, and we see a bright future in the integration of technology and humanity. We aspire to lay to rest the idea that technology must be devoid of humanity, and we are ready to lead the charge in changing the world. Join us in the revolution.