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DialogTech Enables Softswitch-Equiped CLEC, ILEC, Hosted PBX & MSO Companies To Expand Service Offering


We’re making a big announcement this week. Here is a preview of our press release:

CHICAGO April 21, 2009 DialogTech today began offering carriers the opportunity to provide advanced, cloud telephony applications to their customers at a level of investment that removes previous barriers to entry.  All carriers, CLECs, ILECs, hosted PBX companies, and cable multi-system operators (MSOs) with softswitches in their architecture can now connect to DialogTech and expand their service offerings to include features like full-function IVR, Call Queuing, Call Tracking and Find Me Call Forwarding, and complete applications such as Voice Broadcasting, Store Locator, and Lead Distributor.

. . . 

The benefits to carriers of using DialogTech’s white-labeled services include:
–    Dramatically lower up-front investment, in both capital and provisioning effort versus typical offerings from softswitch vendors 
–    Access to complete DialogTech applications such as Voice Broadcasting, Store Locator and Lead Distributor
–    Ease-of-configuration for carriers’ end users in building custom solutions
–    Flexible pricing and capacity options for intelligent call-handling from DialogTech
–    Access to all DialogTech products and applications

In addition, carriers retain the service delivery components that are important to them, including:
–    Origination and termination
–    Customer management and service, with level two support available through DialogTech for advanced features
–    Full control of marketing and pricing to carrier’s customers

You can read Doug Mohney’s review of our announcement on, our full press release, and an overview of our services for Carriers.

Download DialogTech’s White Paper on Cloud Telephony for Carriers & Service Providers