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How To Transfer Calls To A Coworker When Working From Home


If you, or your sales and support staff, ever work from home, how do you transfer a phone call to another employee or department located back in the office?

For example, let’s say a prospect calls in and reaches a sales rep working from home for the day. After looking up the prospect in your CRM, the sales rep notices the prospect has already been working with a different sales rep who working out of your main office. Normally the the rep would press transfer on the office phone, input the correct sales person’s extension, and transfer the call. If the rep, however, is using a home phone or cell phone, it’s not that easy.

Using DialogTech’s Call Distributor, a sales or support manager can provide reps with the option to transfer a call directly from the Call Distributor Agent Panel. When a prospect calls into your main line, selects sales or support, and is forwarded to one of your reps, the rep can the use a drop down in the Agent Panel to transfer the caller to a different sales rep, department or DialogTech application such as voice mail or post-call survey.

Here’s what an Agent Panel with the option to transfer to coworkers using any phone, in any location, looks like:


Transfer A Call