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How to Succeed with Pay-Per-Call Marketing in a Mobile-First World

Katherine Buchholz Product Marketing Manager, DialogTech

Any marketer out there wouldn’t say “no” to the opportunity to drive more revenue (especially in performance marketing). Enter pay-per-call.

Smartphones and click-to-call have redefined pay-per-call marketing. As consumers continue to shift their media habits to mobile, performance marketers are following suit. Mobile offers a new audience that can be used to drive incremental revenue for their pay-per-call campaigns. It’s a no-brainer for performance marketers looking to boost commissions.

Our new eBook explains all about how pay-per-call works, the technology performance marketers are using to enhance it, and how the mobile revolution helps performance marketers. Here’s what you can expect (and more!):


Pay-per-call will continue to evolve as mobile marketing evolves. Make sure you’re prepared for it. Download Pay-Per-Call Marketing in a Mobile-First World: Your Guide to Driving Revenue With Live Calls.