How Much Analytics Is Too Much…?


You can never know enough about how your business is running, how customers are interacting with your employees and the different services you offer, or what time of a day, month, or year is the busiest for your business in terms of incoming calls. The reports and analytics available with the DialogTech service lets you drill down to the core of your business and see exactly how your communications are working. Use the Call Analyzer Report to compare the amount of incoming calls and Click-to-Calls to the outbound calls your business is making. The Call Detail Report will allow you to track caller ID, call duration, and everything a caller did on your phone lines once they reached you. Maybe the majority of your customers prefer to leave a voicemail rather than speak to a live person. If you’re aware of these things, you can tailor your DialogTech set-up to suit your needs. These reports and others give you a wealthy insight into how to better run your company. It’s just one of many ways DialogTech works to improve your business’s efficiency.

For more, see the Reports Advanced User’s Guide on the Tutorials page of the DialogTech website.