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How Contacts Can Call You Through Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is a powerful networking resource for individuals and SMBs alike. Unfortunately, when using LinkedIn the only obvious way for someone to contact you is by sending a message through LinkedIn’s interface.

Linkedin Message

What if you’d prefer to receive phone calls through LinkedIn? What if you could do so while keeping your phone number private?

Well, we want to share a LinkedIn trick using our Smart Click-to-Call technology that makes it possible for your contacts to call your directly through Linkedin.

Here is how it works:

LinkedIn allows users to include several links in the “Website” section of the LinkedIn profile, but most users just include a company URL, and maybe a blog URL. Our trick works by entering the DialogTech Smart Click-to-Call link into LinkedIn’s “Website” section (as shown below) and by making the anchor text for that URL some variation of “Click-to-Call Me”, “Click Here To Talk With Me On The Phone”, or “Click Here & I’ll Call You Now”. This link allows contacts visiting your profile to call you by phone without needing to reveal your phone number.

This is where you do it:

LinkedIn Hack

Once you enter your DialogTech Click-to-Call link, contacts visiting your site can simply click on the link, enter a phone number, and “Click-to-Call”. Both your phone and your contact’s phone will ring and you’ll be on the phone together.

The image above shows a URL that keeps your phone number private, in case you don’t want just anybody on LinkedIn to have your phone number. For even more simple implementation, you can just type www.phone-me-now.com/yourphonenumber (replacing ‘yourphonenumber’ with your DialogTech phone number).

If you’d like to see a live example, take a look at my LinkedIn profile. Or, just click on the image below, enter your number, and you’ll be on the phone with DialogTech.

Click to Call

If you like this trick, we’ve actually created both a unique facebook app and Joomla module where you can automatically allow profile and site visitors to call you using Click-to-Call. More details are available on our Plugins page.

You can also use the Phone-Me-Now Click-to-Call URL for an email signature, forum signature, blog, PDF, Powerpoint presentation, or anywhere else a simple URL can be inserted.

If you aren’t yet an DialogTech customer, you can try this in your LinkedIn profile for free by signing-up for our free Phone-Me-Now trial account.

To learn more about Click-to-Call technology, visit our Smart Click-to-Call page. You can also read our other posts about Click-to-Call & Click-to-Call Best Practices by clicking here. To try this hack for free visit the DialogTech Phone-Me-Now Signup Page. Setting it up is pretty simple, but if you have any questions feel free to “Click-to-Call” us.

P.S. Have you dowloaded our free iPhone Voice Broadcast App yet?