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How can you Find Me?


That’s a good question. Here some of the different ways you can Find Me over the phone:

First off, your call is routed based on my schedule. Depending on the time of day and what I’m doing, the call may be sent into my Find Me Call Forwarding list. Once in the Find Me, your call can be forwarded to my desk phone, cell phone, home phone or any other phone in a specific order, in a round-robin fashion, randomly or simultaneously. I could even send you to someone else’s phone if I’m not available.

Then, I can chose how long to try me at each number–20, 30, 40 or 50 seconds. I can also set how many times to loop you through the list of numbers. During that time, you’ll hear customizable music-on-hold.

Before we’re connected, you’ll also be prompted to introduce yourself so that when I pick-up I hear a “whisper message” with your name and I can decide whether or not to accept the call. 

Once you Find Me, I can record our phone call for future reference.

If you don’t Find Me because I’m unavailable to answer the phone, I can route you to Voice Mail, a Virtual Receptionist, another Find Me, or an IVR.

That’s how you can Find Me. How do your clients find you?