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How Businesses Use Priority Call Queuing to Provide VIP Service


Most businesses have a way to provide expedited service to VIP customers. Airlines have priority seating that allows first-class passengers to skip the line and board first; restaurants offer call-ahead service or a choice table with no wait if you’re Tom Cruise and even Disney offers the FASTPASS that enables visitors to jump to the front of the line for high-volume attractions.

Most folks don’t mind waiting in line for an awesome restaurant, or even for a new rollercoaster at Disneyland. But waiting on hold on the phone is a whole other ball game, and businesses should also offer priority options for preferred customers to improve the caller’s experience.

Priority Call Queuing for VIP Phone Service

With priority call queuing, you can provide faster service to your VIP customers. It’s easy with Call Distributor: you just set up one call distributor program for regular support calls, and one for VIP support calls. You provide the VIP information a unique private phone number to your VIP customers, and voila; your VIP customers receive expedited support.

Plus, the great thing about priority queuing is that, unlike face-to-face interactions in the line at Disney, the other people in line don’t know that someone else is receiving faster service. The only person who knows their call has been expedited with VIP service is the caller herself. Fast and subtle.

Priority Call Queuing for Urgent Customer Issues

There are other use cases for priority queuing, too. If a customer has an urgent problem that is beyond day-to-day issues, you want to make sure that caller doesn’t have to wait on hold with callers who just want to ask what time you close on Saturdays. It’s all about triage: the gunshot wound before the paper cut. With priority queuing, you are able to respond more quickly to customers with urgent issues.

Move Big Sales Opportunities to the Front of the Line

Sometimes the urgency isn’t on the customers’ end it’s on yours. If you have a particularly profitable product or product line, you want to ensure that the customers who are calling in regards to this product reach an agent more quickly. In this case, the Ferrari might need to come before the Pinto. If a customer is calling about a Ferrari, that caller needs to be on the phone with an agent as soon as possible, not waiting on hold and possibly changing their mind. (Don’t know how to tell which product the customer is calling about before they answer the phone? You will after you read this white paper on call tracking.)

Priority queuing is easy with Call Distributor, and the multiple use cases make it worth checking out, especially given its subtlety. For more information about how Call Distributor can improve your customer experience and improve lead flow, check out our free white paper on virtual call centers.