Increase Patient Acquisition While Staying Compliant

With 56% of patients booking appointments over the phone, healthcare companies can benefit tremendously by knowing how their advertising efforts and websites drive inbound call leads. But it is vital that patient information be handled with care and that healthcare companies comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). HIPAA outlines privacy and security requirements for protected health information and HITECH makes HIPAA standards applicable to health information technologies.

DialogTech Offers HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

DialogTech is proud to comply with HIPAA and HITECH standards. This compliance allows healthcare marketers to reap the benefits of understanding which of their efforts are driving calls, the quality of those calls, and how to optimize to acquire more patients — all while protecting sensitive information.

DialogTech’s HIPAA and HITECH compliance ensures:

Security for sensitive data

The platform is built to minimize access to sensitive data with enhanced technical, administrative, and physical protections. This includes custom configurations for storage durations of call recordings and transcriptions. DialogTech reports can be configured to exclude protected health information (PHI), but still include access to the call data necessary for marketing insights and optimizations.

Data encrypted at rest and in transit

Encryption protects marketing data within the platform and from interception while it is transmitted. DialogTech uses industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for the most secure transmission of data.

Secure access

The DialogTech platform is configurable for session timeouts, password complexity, password expiration and password reuse restrictions to ensure your data stays secure.

Additional privacy

DialogTech also has additional options to further limit personally identifiable information by masking caller ids, limiting call recordings and disabling reverse lookup information.

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