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October 5–6, 2021

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In Good Times and Bad, Direct Response Advertising Delivers the Goods


If you watched TV during the 1960s – or AMC’s hot new show about the 1960s advertising universe, Mad Men – “David Oglivy” is a name to be conjured with.

A YouTube video of the Master at Gavin Heaton’s Servant Of Chaos blog is a Schweppervescent trip down memory lane.  It’s also a timeless reminder for marketing folks that direct response – not general – advertising is the real gold standard. Why? Because direct response advertisers know “to the dollar” how effective their programs are.

Yet direct response advertising is a stepchild in the advertising hierarchy. But while those edgy image ads are garnering Advertising Age awards, a constricting economy means businesses will increasingly demand results in cool, hard cash. And that means….direct response.

So make it easier on everyone with a click-to-call.