Store Locator with Geo-Location

Smartphones and mobile devices are driving billions of sales calls to U.S. businesses each month. Routing these calls to the right location or person is critical to optimizing conversions and sales. DialogTech can determine the precise geographic location of mobile callers and route their call to your closest store, office, or agent.

Drive Sales by Routing Mobile Calls Based on Caller’s Location

DialogTech offers the first and only pre-built voice solution for routing mobile callers based on their precise position. Now, when smartphone users call you, DialogTech can determine their exact latitude and longitude using cell phone triangulation. The call can then be automatically routed to the closest or most appropriate store, franchise, office, or agent.

A Single Phone Number that Works for Every Store

Now retailers, franchises, or any business with multiple locations can advertise a single number that automatically routes callers from any device (mobile or landline) to their nearest store or office location. And callers (including drivers on hands-free devices) no longer need to key in their zip code or area code – DialogTech’s geo-location does it for them.

Call Analytics for a Mobile World

When paired with DialogTech’s voice-based marketing automation platform, Store Locator with Geo-Location offers next-generation call analytics for a mobile world. Marketers and agencies can see detailed reports about the lead source that originated every call, the location and market of every caller, the sales opportunities and revenue generated from each, and much more.