DialogTech’s Call Tracking for RingCentral

Track and Optimize How Your Search and Digital Marketing Drive Phone Leads with the Only Call Tracking Solution Using RingCentral Numbers

Phone calls generated by your digital marketing are valuable conversions. Getting attribution data on those calls is a huge benefit to marketing teams, but many RingCentral customers can’t use call tracking solutions because they don’t work with RingCentral phone numbers. That’s where DialogTech comes in.

Get Marketing Attribution on Phone Calls From Your Website Using RingCentral Phone Numbers

DialogTech solves this challenge by providing the only DNI (dynamic number insertion) call tracking solution that only uses RingCentral numbers. When consumers call a RingCentral number on your website, DialogTech attributes that call to the exact marketing source (channel, campaign, ad, search keyword, website interaction) that drove it. Call tracking data for every call is available in DialogTech and activated in your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, making it easy to action upon.

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The Benefits of DialogTech’s Call Tracking for RingCentral

  • Add call conversions from paid search, SEO social, display, email, and more to your marketing metrics to get a holistic view of customer behavior and marketing performance
  • Push call attribution data into your martech platforms, including Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Accurately measure marketing ROI and prove your marketing’s impact on customer acquisition
  • Make smarter marketing optimizations to drive more leads and customers at a lower CPL
  • Get all the data and marketing benefits of call tracking using only your RingCentral telephony — no new telephony needed — so no disruptions to your infrastructure and no administrative issues with managing new telephony

Data and Insights Captured for Every Call from Your Website

Capture the caller’s phone number and geographic location, the day and time of the call, their device, location called, and more.

Capture the marketing channel, campaign, ad, keyword search, and other marketing source that drove each website visit and call.

See each caller's activity on your website, including their entry page, the page they called from, and their entire clickpath.

See how long calls last to understand what marketing sources drive longer conversations and better leads.

“DialogTech is outstanding. It helps us understand exactly how our marketing is driving calls, so we can optimize our digital efforts and ad spend to focus on bringing in clients.”

— Bryan Huber, Global Director of Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers

— Bryan Huber, Global Director of Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers

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