Tracking Phone Leads: The Missing Piece of Marketing Automation

Phone leads are often the most valuable to sales. But most marketers don’t know how they generate inbound calls – and conventional marketing automation tools can’t track phone leads.

When you can’t track phone leads back to specific campaigns, you can’t take credit for the revenue they bring in. And you risk wasting budget renewing ads that aren’t working.

This white paper explains how to track phone leads using voice-based marketing automation. Learn how to:

  • Track phone leads back to specific TV, radio, print, or web ads
  • Know which PPC and SEO keywords generate phone leads
  • Get concrete proof of how you are impacting revenue
  • Convert more web site visitors to phone leads
  • Close the lead reporting gap in marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, and Silverpop

Don’t waste money on ads that aren’t working – and never pull the plug on ones that are.

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