The Next Generation of Virtual Call Centers: Beyond the Cloud

A call center is often the first contact a customer has with an organization. It plays a major role in establishing first-class customer support and building a loyal base of customers.

Recently, the call center has taken a step forward in its evolution by integrating cloud-based virtual call center functionality with other technologies. This new integrated virtual call center brings together interactive features that take customer support to the next level.

Use this white paper and learn how to provide exceptional customer service by building a hardware-free, integrated virtual call center:

  • Use IVR technology to manage inbound customer calls
  • Implement outbound IVRs to conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  • Integrate with CRM technology to provide personalized support
  • Organize customer support requests by integrating with your customer help desk system
  • Customize your call distribution and call routing abilities

Expertly integrated virtual call centers are the next step in the evolution of customer support. Integrations with IVR, CRM, help desk systems, and more are making it easier for businesses to provide world-class customer service.

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