Qualifying, Routing, and Scoring Inbound Calls to Optimize Sales

Phone leads drive business. But marketers are finding that creating campaigns and web content that drive inbound calls isn't enough to ensure a high ROI. Unfortunately not every call is a good lead. Plus whether or not a qualified caller converts to revenue often hinges on which sales agent handles it.

This guide explains how marketers are optimizing ROI from campaigns by not just generating calls, but qualifying, routing, and scoring those calls optimally to increase their chances of converting to a sale:

Get this guide to learn how you can:

  • Automatically qualify inbound callers to ensure they are sales ready
  • Route each caller to the right store, office, or agent right away to improve conversion rates
  • Score call quality and sales agent performance to build more effective campaigns

This guide also presents several case studies of how businesses and agencies have implemented these call management strategies to improve ROI. And it explains the different technologies available to help you do it.

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