How Sales Teams Use Integrated Virtual Call Centers to Close More Business

The call center is the backbone of any successful sales team. It isn't just another piece of technology; it's an important strategic asset. That's why successful sales teams today rely on integrated virtual call centers to support their needs.

Integrated virtual call centers give sales teams the ability to respond to sales prospects more effectively, efficiently, and intelligently.

Download our latest white paper and learn how integrated virtual call centers help sales teams:

  • Route calls to your agents wherever they are located, on any device
  • Qualify and score inbound phone leads automatically
  • Increase close rates with integrated CRM features
  • Turn passive web site visitors into active phone conversations
  • Nurture and cross-sell existing customers
  • Improve decision-making with web-based reports and analytics

By deploying an integrated virtual call center using voice-based marketing automation technology, sales teams are able to close more business faster, all the while cutting operating and hardware costs significantly. Get our white paper and start closing more business today with an integrated virtual call center.

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