B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads

Social media marketing is now a way of life for B2B marketers. That’s why it is critical to track the impact of your social media marketing on lead generation.

If you’re not tracking how your social media strategies are generating leads, you can’t tell what’s working – and what isn’t – in order to make informed adjustments. You also can’t prove to your executives how social media marketing is impacting the one metric they truly care about: revenue.

This white paper provides tips for how B2B marketers can increase engagement and generate leads via social media. It also explains why it’s so important to track leads from social media, and the technologies that can help you do it.

Learn tips to help you:

  • Improve engagement across all social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, Google+, and more
  • Generate more leads from your social channels
  • Track social web leads and phone leads through the sales cycle
  • Prove to executives that your social media strategy is impacting revenue

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