How Marketers Are Using AI-Driven Conversation Intelligence to Drive Revenue Growth

Data is what drives digital marketing success. The more complete and accurate the data you have to action upon, the smarter your optimizations, the better your results. And in today’s mobile-first world, that data must include what happens on phone calls to your business. 

Thanks to AI, there are deep, actionable insights from phone conversations that marketers are using to improve results across digital channels. Join Forrester featured speaker Kjell Carlson and DialogTech’s SVP of Marketing Viji Davis to learn how you can use insights from AI-driven conversation intelligence to:

  • Drive more engaging customer conversations
  • Surface unexpected customer insights
  • Significantly increase your marketing’s effectiveness
  • Improve sales conversations and grow revenue


  • Kjell Carlson, Ph.D.
    Senior Analyst

  • Viji Davis
    SVP of Marketing

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