The Click-to-Call Revolution: New Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales

Smartphones have changed the way consumers convert online. Instead of filling out web forms, smartphone users now call. As marketers shift ad spend to target consumers on smartphones, they must also adopt new click-to-call strategies or risk declining conversion rates and ROI.

Join guest speaker, Forrester researcher Collin Colburn, and DialogTech CMO Susan Bryant, to learn the new cross-channel strategies marketers are using to drive sales with click-to-call. Attendees will learn:

  • Findings from Forrester research on the impact of click-to-call on ROI
  • New search, social, and display ad strategies to convert purchase-ready consumers
  • Call attribution and optimization strategies marketers must embrace to optimize ROI
  • Real-world examples from marketers driving the most revenue from click-to-call