3 Ways to Power Personalization with Advanced Call Routing

Learn advanced call routing tactics to give your personalization a boost.

84% of marketers either have a personalization strategy in place or are just starting out. But does that include call personalization? How someone’s call gets handled can often make or break a sale.

DialogTech can help you do some amazing things with personalizing the caller experience. Things that have a significant impact on marketing ROI and customer acquisition. Things you can do right now, today, but might not know it. That’s why we launched this webinar series: to show you how to get the most value from DialogTech.

Our fifth episode covers “3 Ways to Power Personalization with Advanced Call Routing.” We’re going to go beyond regular contextual call routing and show you advanced tactics like using webhooks, how to pass caller information before a call is answered, and what you can do with post-call data.